Bobbi Fergstad

Owner, CLT & Personal Coach

Centre for Wholeness and Well-Being is true of all that we offer and intend to share. To get to wholeness and well-being we centre, and at the centre we find wholeness and well-being. I coach and guide professionals, entrepreneurs and those looking for more fulfilment in their personal and professional lives, by helping them “tune in deeply” to their most authentic nature, gracefully remove obstacles, and shine their light in the ways that make an impact in the world in the ways most important to them.

As an accomplished leader in business I have understanding and compassion for the unique challenges and obstacles one can face when searching for a greater sense of personal wholeness as a Professional. Further, in 20 years of personal study with various traditions I have been fortunate to be trained and taught by many elders and wisdom keepers. The ancient and relevant wisdom shared by many traditions nourish the parts of us that are not perceived with our 5 senses, and create tools for wellness that are now popular mindfulness practices affirmed by neural science and research.

Together in your personal coaching sessions we align you to the best version of you. We hope you join us and find wholeness and well-being for your body, mind and spirit in this place and through what we offer.

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