Kerri Cust

Intimacy Coach

In 2013 I made the painful decision to leave my marriage, it was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, uttering the words “I don’t want to be married anymore” is painful. Very shortly after leaving my marriage I received a call that would change my life, my 17 year old brother had died. The foundation of my life, everything I knew crumbled from under me. Even with my life in such devastation I knew it was a call. I began to see that I had settled in my life and I was no longer happy. After much internal seeking, I made the decision to sell everything I owned and travel the world. I traveled to Indonesia, Bali before finding myself on a tantric island in the gulf of Thailand where I studied yoga and tantric spirituality. Tantra transformed me, something awakened in me once I began to inquire, explore and awaken my femininity and sensuality. Along with emotional process work and therapy I started to see the old patterns and beliefs that had held me back beginning to fall away. I was becoming the woman I was meant to be, not the woman I thought I had to be. My travels continued through Australia and England before returning permanently to Thailand where I continued to study tantra and complete my tantra teacher training. Then in 2018 I felt the pull to come back to Canada and to pass on all that I have learnt and experienced during my own spiritual journey. Now I am back in Calgary lecturing and hosting workshops to help others discover and awaken their power, sensuality and sense of belonging.

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