Ryan Snow

Owner, CLT & Personal Coach

I am a personal wellness coach that is passionate about helping people find wholeness and peace. I have a unique ability to meet a person where they are and facilitate the healing needed to find balance in life. This in turn restores the connection with the true self of an individual. Once this connection is made one can begin to heal our stories and create a life full of joy and connection.

I use my extensive experience that I have gained as a high-performance athlete representing Canada on the World Cup skiing circuit and my carrier as a Olympic level coach. Athletes I have coached have represented respective countries in the Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Olympic games. My coaching clients range from performance base athletics to addictions meeting the needs of all those in between. My coaching style is trauma informed, intuitive and kind.

I have faced my own healing journey that has driven my passion to help others find the balance and wholeness of self where true happiness lies. Through this journey I have come to understand what these grand concepts are and how being disconnected from the true self is the root of suffering and addictions. Through my deep personal practice and experience with various methodologies of healing I have discovered that authentic personal transformation is possible. I will hold a space for you to create the best version of yourself and the life you are excited to live.

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