Our Practitioners

Bobbi Fergstad

Owner, CLT & Personal Coach

I help people find inner stillness in the midst of chaos. As an accomplished leader in business I have understanding and compassion for the unique challenges and obstacles one can face when searching for a greater sense of personal wholeness as a Professional. Further, in 20 years of personal study with various traditions I have been fortunate to be trained and taught by many elders and wisdom keepers.


Kerri Cust

Intimacy Coach

Kerri Cust is a Self Love & Intimacy coach offering workshops and individual coaching in the areas of Belonging, Intimacy and Pleasure. She helps her students and clients discover and live a life that is truly theirs, not one where they are simply 'checking the boxes'. Kerri has studied and trained under guru's, and master teachers in the areas of intimacy, tantra, yoga, spirituality, emotional intelligence and deep emotional release. Kerri guides her clients towards knowing themselves, embodying and experiencing true fulfillment and pleasure - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Only by knowing and becoming intimate with yourself will you have the intimacy, connection and belonging you are so deeply seeking.


Dr. Lisa Keen

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Lisa is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor Alberta and a certified Bowen Health Therapist. She is a graduate of Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and also holds a B.Kin with Distinction from the University of Calgary.


Ryan Snow

Owner, CLT & Personal Coach

I am a personal coach who is passionate about helping people find wholeness and peace. I have a unique ability to meet a person where they are and facilitate the healing needed to find balance in life. This in turn restores the connection with the true self of an individual. Once this connection is made one can begin to heal our stories and create a life full of joy and connection.


Jesse Fergstad

CLT Practitioner and Radiance Room Manager

I am a trained, Certified Laser Technician.

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